Step 1


  • Start with a free discovery call and complete the questionnaire.

  • On our call, we’ll talk through:

    • Your CRM challenges

    • Yours & your clients needs

    • And what we can do to address them going forward to create a seamless booking, onboarding, and offboarding process.

Step 2

Outline + Implementation

  • Once we’ve determined we’re a good fit, book your Intensive Session here.

  • We’ll outline your process into an organized, color-coded flowchart.

  • Next, we’ll build your CRM workflows including your packages, canned emails, contracts, questionnaires, payment schedules, etc.

  • Additionally, I’ll train you how to use your workflows as well as any other key features in your CRM.

  • PS - We do all this in one day in a matter of hours, so you’re done and ready to be booked!

Step 3


  • Your CRM is ready to move your clients through; you’re all good to go!

  • I’ll check in the first month after our session to be sure we can take the training wheels off and let you ride alone.



While I can nerd out all day on CRMs, automation tools, and how to build the systems that use them, it’s not all about the fancy software and tech.

What you’re receiving is a tested PROCESS that is proven to get you paid, improve your client experience, and prevent you from losing sleep over maintaining the first two.

You didn’t start a business to be in constant stress over booking clients and keeping them happy, right?


Don’t wait. Save yourself some headache, and get it done now. It will make moving forward so much easier.
— Kalita Conley, 323 Creative Designs